//4 Tips on Saving Up for Your Spring Break Getaway

4 Tips on Saving Up for Your Spring Break Getaway

Even though we love to be frugal, there are times we also like to splurge and vacations are one of those times. Spring is coming up in a few weeks and with it, spring break. Our oldest is out of school and we’re going to do a road trip to relax and recharge.

I am looking forward to swimming, exploring a new town, and trying out some fantastic food. While some of this will be low-cost activities, there are going to be a few things here and there where we will pay extra for the experience. That’s okay for us because we’re saving ahead of the trip so we can do this trip debt free. If you want to make your spring break memorable without breaking the bank, here are some tips to get you set up!

Budget Your Tax Refund

Are you expecting your refund any day now? Congrats! Make the most of it, by coming up with a plan. Go ahead and review your finances and goals with a money app like Mint so when your tax refund is deposited you can quickly transfer over some of that cash into your savings. You can use that as the base of your vacation budget.

Challenge Yourself

If you have a vacation coming up, and you would like to have some extra spending cash, doing a fun money challenge can be a great way to raise that cash and work your savings muscle. All you have to do is set aside money each day. On the first day, you save $1, the second day is $2, the third is $3, and so forth so when you get to the 30th day, you are stocking away $30. Might not sound like much, but you can stash $465 in one month.

Saving on Your Spring Getaway

Besides saving up for the trip, remember that you can cut your costs too (without sacrificing the fun). That means you don’t have to save as much money upfront. To do this, you need to plan ahead. Here are two major ways you can significantly save while on vacation.

1. Split Costs with Friends

Sometimes a getaway with friends is just what you need. Besides the company (which can make even the most chill trip exciting), you can also save quite a bit of money by splitting some or all of the expenses. With our spring break trip, we’re renting a house with friends. It will come out to the same price as some of the cheaper hotels in the area, but we will have extra amenities and space to enjoy.

2. Stay Like a Local

I like to stay in Airbnbs because they make it easier to live like a local. Having a kitchen means we can stop by the local grocery store or farmer’s market (come on, we are on a vacation!) to grab food. We prep fantastic meals quickly and easily to save so when we do go out, we know we are still on budget.

Depending on your host, you can find many hidden gems, by chatting with them. When we were in Denver our Airbnb host was fantastic. She knew all of the best spots to eat and drink around town. All of her recommendations were absolutely out of the park. Go ahead and message your host to see if they can point you in the right direction.

Your Take on Spring Getaway Plans

As you can see, it is possible to have a fantastic time on your spring getaway without breaking your budget. I would love to hear from you – what are your plans for spring break?

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