//Women’s Running Magazine Discount

Women’s Running Magazine Discount

Another great magazine deal!  This time, the savings are on Women’s Running Magazine!


Check out this limited time offer on a subscription to Women’s Running magazine!  Now through 3/5/19, you can order up to 4 years for just $6.99 per year. That’s 89% savings!

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Reading an issue of Women’s Running Magazine is like your very own personal trainer giving you the tips you need to optimize every run. From post-workout yoga to the best workout gear for your body type to how to get ready for your first marathon, it’s got you covered.

Practical Advice:  But running isn’t just about the workout, it’s about the lifestyle. The advice you’ll find in the pages is all about embracing that lifestyle, with irresistible recipes to help you fuel up, guides to the best running destinations, and easy beauty fixes for those pesky running woes (black toenails, anyone?).

Inspiring Stories:  Every dedicated runner knows that a sense of community and a shared passion can keep you moving even when you feel like you can’t. The stories chronicle the struggles and triumphs of real women who run to get healthy, to de-stress, to look good, and, most of all, to feel happy. Their stories will remind you why you run and of all the fulfillment that it brings.


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