//Making Valentine’s Day Memories to Last a Lifetime (Without Stressing Out)

Making Valentine’s Day Memories to Last a Lifetime (Without Stressing Out)

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dollar General. 
All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any parties.

Wait.  Wasn’t it just Christmas?  I can’t believe that February is here and we are planning Valentine’s Day!!  While my older kids don’t get to have a class party or do anything fun like that, my youngest still does. In fact, we have just two more years of class parties.

And, I know that in a couple of years she will also outgrow the desire to make crafts and do as many things with me. I am trying my hardest to make sure I take full advantage of this time with her, while she still has fun.

For me, the biggest problem is being creative.  After working online all day, doing housework, homework with the kids and everything else that needs to be done, my brain just doesn’t work.  It isn’t that I don’t want to be creative, I just don’t have the energy.

This year, I decided that it wasn’t worth it. I was going to find a way for us both to have fun, without getting stressed about finding the most creative Valentine’s Day crafts — including the box for her party!


Our normal process for coming up with a theme for her Valentine’s Day box is to hit Pinterest. You can find just about anything there.  I thought about doing that this year as well, but with all that is going on, I’d still have to buy the supplies and then find a way to build it all.

I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Instead, we jumped in the car and headed to Dollar General.  I thought that I could find a few simple stickers or something to decorate a simple box.  I was shocked when I found the most adorable kit to make her Valentine’s Day Box — for just $5!!

My daughter could not WAIT to put it together.  We both enjoyed it so much more than the years past when we were trying to be creative and make a pretty box.  Everything we needed was in the kit.  No glue or scissors necessary. It was a matter of peeling off the stickers and placing them where they should go.

Isn’t her box cute?!?!?



We normally purchase the box of cards with a treat inside and attach them.  That works for her to give to her friends, but I always offer to help with the party.  I usually bring paper goods (because they are easy to grab) and then help with the party.  But, this year, I got a jump on things and decided to make the goodie bags!

We skipped the pencils and stickers and went right for the sweets. I mean, isn’t that all kids want anyhow?  We found all sorts of great deals on kid-approved candies.  The only non-edible item we added were some adorable little erasers.

For us, it was one more thing we were able to sit down and assemble.  It didn’t take us long, but being able to spend a little time together doing something that she was excited about was worth it all.



My daughter also likes to give her teachers a little something special for the holiday too.  We usually just get a card, but when we found these cute owl craft kits (only $1 for a kit), she knew she had to have one.  It turns out, one of her teachers COLLECTS owls – so it was perfect!

Not only did she get to have fun being creative, but she was also able to make something unique to thank her teachers for all they do.



I always tell my kids that the holidays are more about having fun and making memories than giving to others.  And, when we saw that she could paint a unicorn rocking horse, well, we knew we had to get it.

It did not cost much, but it she thoroughly enjoyed it. For me, it was money well spent.  These little things that we can still do together are making the memories that will last a lifetime.  It turned out so cute, and she was very proud.


Valentine’s Day is not about spending money on expensive candy, stuffed animals or things like that. It is about making the memories your kids can take with them.  Spending time with them and doing a simple, affordable craft will mean more to them anything you could ever buy.  You can’t put a price tag on that.


Valentine's Day is about more than candy. It is making memories with your kids.  We loved these fun Valentine's Day craft ideas that were SUPER affordable at our local Dollar General!  #ad #ValentinesDay

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