//7 Movie Theater Chains With Great Senior Discounts

7 Movie Theater Chains With Great Senior Discounts

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The average movie theater ticket price in 2018 was $9.11, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners.

That can put a real hurt on your entertainment budget if you’re a senior living on a fixed income. Even those who are still working might think a night at the movies is a costly indulgence — especially if they’re trying to get out of debt or playing catch-up on their retirement savings.

Fortunately, many movie theaters offer some kind of senior price break, usually a buck or two off the regular ticket price. Some chains take it to the next level, creating even deeper discounts.

We’ve found discounts at the following good-sized theater chains. However, some smaller companies also offer senior deals.

For example, Classic Cinemas, a chain in Illinois, charges seniors the matinee price no matter what time the show starts, spokesperson Kat Clary tells Money Talks News.

That art-house or single-theater setup in your hometown also might have a special deal. It never hurts to ask. With the money you save, you might even be able to afford some popcorn.

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