//7 Easy Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

7 Easy Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

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Cranking up the heat, flannel sheets, dressing in layers — there are a number of traditional ways to stay warm in cold weather.

But for folks looking for more unusual methods, we’ve outlined seven savvy, low-tech ways to ward off the cold this winter. Some of them might even save you a little cash.

1. Reverse your ceiling fan

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When chilly temps set in, you probably aren’t thinking about turning on your ceiling fan. But the appliance actually boasts year-round benefits.

Heat rises. Therefore, reversing the direction of the blades — so they spin in a clockwise motion — will draw cooler air up toward the ceiling while forcing warmer air (which rises) back down to heat your space.

Choose the lowest setting and remember to adjust your thermostat accordingly — you might even see significant savings on your next electric bill. The University of Arkansas cites research showing that wintertime use of ceiling fans can lower heating costs by 20 to 30 percent.

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