//25 Things Millennials Are Killing Off

25 Things Millennials Are Killing Off

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Every generation gets unfairly maligned. Take it from a Generation Xer (who’s not a slacker) who has six baby boomer siblings (who were never hippies).

But it’s hard to remember a prior generation being accused of “killing” as many traditions and cultural habits as Generation Y — also known as the millennials.

Millennials — people born between 1981 and 1996, according to the Pew Research Center — have gotten a lot of criticism for breaking away from previous generations, whether it represents a major economic shift such as not buying homes, or a daily consumer choice like shunning breakfast cereal. (Pass the avocado toast, please.)

Looking at the trends millennials are not buying into can tell us a bit about which companies and industries may be slipping away. Here are 25 things millennials might be killing off.

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